Memories of Youth: An Exhibition by Nevim Vandermeer Wingfield

A Cary Art Loop Final Friday Event

What: A solo art exhibition by longtime ATA-NC member Nevim Vandermeer Wingfield

When: Friday, May 26, 6 PM 

Where: Turkish House (303 E. Durham Rd., Cary, NC)

Cost: Free and open to the public!

Additional exhibit hours : 
May 27, 2017 1:00pm to 5:00 pm

Artist’s Statement 

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I go back every few years, and when I come back I already miss my old country. But this is (NC) home here now. 

I have been drawing ballerinas, fashion models, dancers, portraits, caricatures... ever since I remember. At school, or anywhere, I would draw pictures or caricatures of funny things happening, and pass it around. Sometimes teachers caught me, but they just laughed. I was too little and too cute to be punished.

When I was about 9 years old, my dream was to see the world. Years later my dream came true. I traveled to many countries and places in the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, including an Amazon cruise, and almost every state in USA. I met many people, learned about their lives, made friends.

I received my Dental Degree (DDS) at UNC Chapel Hill, and opened my own office. The most rewarding part of being a dentist was doing aesthetic dentistry, changing looks from unattractive teeth and face to a beautiful, happy smile that brought confidence and success to my patients. I was called “having healing hands”. My son followed my steps. He is an M.D.

Best part of being retired is not getting up early to rush to the office. Now I can do anything, anytime I want. Sadly, my husband passed away in 2009. Our cat Melodi was my faithful companion until she died at the age of 20. I dance, swim, walk, read, paint, play bridge, play chess, solve puzzles, take care of my plants, and spend time with friends.

What shall I do next? Bungee jumping? Sky diving? Ha ha ha...