"Colors from the Middle East"

The Art of Lütfiye Erciyas

Opening Reception Hosted by ATA-NC

A Cary Art Loop Final Friday Event

Friday, March 30, 2018, 6PM-9PM
Turkish House/Türk Evi
303 E. Durham Rd. Suite F, Cary, NC

Additional Viewing Times:
Saturday, March 31, 2PM-7PM

Sunday, April 1, 2PM-6PM


Turkish artist Lütfiye Erciyas reflects her own interior dignity with joyful colors in her oil paintings as far as the brush and canvas allow her, with her main conceptual inspiration being the woman. Her technique has been oriented by her elder sister, a famous painting artist in Turkey. She prefers bright colors and her focus points are calmness, serenity, gentleness, and amenity. She prefers to avoid any suffering or agony in her paintings, as she believes there is already enough of that in the world.


She was an active member in the American Women Association Arts Group in Bahrain from 2006 to 2010 and had participated in six multi-artist exhibitions at private galleries and the Bahrain National Arts Center.


Erciyas has opened two exhibitions in Turkey in 2010 and five exhibitions in Saudi Arabia (between 2012 and 2018) in the city of Jeddah, where she currently resides with her husband.


She also participated in the multi-national Arts Festival in Turkey in the spring of 2013 and plans to do so again in the spring of 2018, for outdoor painting workshops.


From Friday, March 30, through Sunday, April 1, her exhibition titled "Colors from the Middle East" will display and have available for purchase more than 25 pieces of work from this artist at the Turkish House (303F East Durham Road, Cary, NC 27513).