The Art of Sean Rutledge

Opening Reception Hosted by ATA-NC

A Cary Art Loop Final Friday Event

Friday, April 27, 2018, 6PM-9PM
Turkish House/Türk Evi
303 E. Durham Rd. Suite F, Cary, NC


We are pleased to present a collection of works by Sean Rutledge that span the last couple of years and represent a foray into experimentation. You will see 2-dimensional paintings that showcase his facility with ink, acrylic, pastel and pencil through a variety of materials, such as pumice, sand, glue and crackle paste as he moves across the threshold of surface into the 3-dimensional realm. On display will be works that are carved, constructed and built. Some of the pieces form an ensemble and may surprise you by introducing a fourth dimension.

Sean was born in 2000 into the American-Turkish community in the Triangle area, and he has had a passion for the visual arts since he was a very small child. Currently a senior at Durham Academy, Sean is preparing to move to Providence in August to begin studying art at the Rhode Island School of Design.